Why is Simbula the right choice for you?

Creating and managing a business in Bulgaria, the task you have currently taken on, is an incredible experience for entrepreneurs, but many of them fail, not because they are not resourceful, inspired and purposeful, but because they have underestimated the complexity of administrative requirements and their real impact on business.

While most entrepreneurs are focusing on building their successful businessimplementing inspiring business ideas and changing the world – they are exposed to a serious risk; the omission or neglect of one of the many government regulations!

You should not have to focus on regulations, whilst growing your business. We are happy to take on the role of consultant, acting as your interpretor and converting the language of local government regulations into the language of your business, so that you have clarity and predictability, leaving you to focus on developing your products and services, whilst we take care of the administrative requirements for your business.

Business scope

Accounting and Payroll

Comprehensive accounting services

Every business owner and manager needs the peace of mind to develop their products and services. Simbula is the trusted partner for your business, fully committed to monitoring all new regulations and changes and complying with statutory deadlines. We will not burden you with unnecessary questions, nor will we be absent due to sick leave or vacation.

Part-time CFO

CFO when you need it

Any business has the potential to become even more successful. It is a common misconception that only corporations need a CFO. Simbula is here to support start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses on their path to success.

Tax consulting

Every problem has a solution

Creating predictability and clarity is the right of every business. Simbula is your personal tax speed dial consultant. Whenever you are hesitant about the effect of a transaction on your taxes, Simbula is ready to offer you different scenarios so that you can make an informed decision.

Legal services

Choosing the right path predetermines the result

A clear understanding of possible alternatives is the basis to achieving the desired end goal. The legal team at Simbula is at your disposal both for complex business tasks as well as the preparation of documents necessary for the day to day running of your business.

Market analysis

The key to the desired result

Everyone needs a point of reference to evaluate their success. Knowing the environment in which you work is the first step towards understanding it. Understanding and clarity are the basis of well-thought-out decisions and effective actions.


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We at Simbula believe that every person is successful and fulfilled when they follow their vocation. Yours, to create and develop a successful business, and ours - to help you manage it!

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...and they appreciate us.

Success stories

Frequently asked questions

To register a company (EOOD, or Ltd.) The following is necessary:

  • A unique name needs to be recorded at the Registry Agency – you will need to complete an application form for registering the company name;
  • An application for registration of circumstances of a company (EOOD, or LTD) to be filled in;

Along with the application for company registration (EOOD, or LTD) the following documents should be attached:

  • Sole proprietor/partners decision for establishing a company (EOOD, or LTD);
  • Partnership agreement for Ltd. or foundation act for EOOD;
  • Consent to be elected a manager and his notarized signature sample;
  • Declaration under Art. 142 of the Commercial Law;
  • Declaration under Art. 13 para. 4 of the Commercial Register Act;
  • Document for paid capital;
  • Document on the state registration fee of a company (EOOD, or LTD).

If your company is registered for VAT, every month. If not registered, once a year.

To make sure that your company meets all the requirements of the state. To inform you about the introduction of any new regulations in the field of accounting and taxes that may affect your business. To advise you about the requirements that you are bound to comply with, given the development of your business (e.g.reaching turnover for VAT registration, purchase of services from abroad).

This is a choice you need to make based on the size of the company and the volume of accounting work. In general, it is more profitable for companies in the field of trade and services to work with an accounting firm, while for companies in the field of production it is optimal to work with internal accounting. When making this decision, you should keep in mind that in accounting the terms are established by law and are not subject to negotiation, ie. you need to be sure that even in a situation where your accountant is prevented from preparing and submitting reports, you will be able to handle it. This usually leads to the appointment of a second person. When working with an accounting firm, it is their responsibility to take care of these matters.

Any company, even the smallest, can benefit from the knowledge of a financier. It is recommended that companies that provide services to end user clients, consult a financier when creating their business model.

The tasks of the CFO in a small or medium-sized company are to:

  • ensure that the company sells its products at the right price;
  • ensure that the company buys the necessary goods and services at the optimal price;
  • participate in conversations with more complex providers, such as banks, leasing companies, mobile operators, providers of key products and services;
  • create and maintain managerial accountability;
  • help entrepreneurs and managers understand the trends behind the figures in managerial reporting;
  • organize and guide the process of planning and budgeting the company’s activities;
  • critically check the company’s business model and look for optimization options;

Tax planning is a careful review process of all legal aspects of a transaction, be it for the purchase or sale of goods, services, property, shares, etc. including the assessment of the tax burden that will arise as a result of its implementation.

Tax planning brings predictability, security and the peace of mind that you will achieve exactly the result you expect, without any “surprising” tax costs.


The Simbula team is a made up of entrepreneurs and specialists with deep knowledge and expertise in all key areas related to business management. We simultaneously speak the language of accounting, taxes, law, banks, etc. and are ready to translate it into the language of your business.

Headshot of Jivko Ivanov
Jivko Ivanov
Managing partner
Абстрактно изображение заместващо липсваща снимка
Dilyan Tsvetanov
Managing partner
Абстрактно изображение заместващо липсваща снимка
Tatyana Stamova
Chief Accountant
Stiliyana Mandazhieva
Chief Accountant
Desislava Vasileva
Krasimira Vaseva
Erik Milanov
Data Analysis Manager
Petya Georgieva
Ventsislava Simeonova
Margarita Dimova
Chief Accountant
Tanya Panayotova
Diana Vasileva
Payroll Accountant
Suzana Stefanova
Payroll Accountant
Nedyalka Velichkova
Payment Specialist
Milena Milanova
Attorney At Law
Evgeni Ivanov
Attorney At Law
Nikolay Gaydarov
Software Developer
Boyan Stanchev
Legal Advisor
Anna-Maria Yordanova
Administrative Manager


All the expertise and support you need for the successful administration of your business is gathered, structured and ready to start working for you. Ask us for an offer.

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