Upcoming Financing Operational Programme “Innovation and Competitiveness” 2014-2020

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Procedure for project proposals BG16RFOP002-2.040: „Improving production capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)”

Aim of the procedure:
Improving the production capacity of SMEs in order to increase their competitiveness and strengthen their export potential.
Deadline of the procedure:
Total budget:
BGN 146 687 250

Available amount for financing of projects:

Two regiments for providing financing – “de minimis aid” or “regional aid”
Under the procedure, applicants have to choose ONE of the two applicable state / de minimis regimes according to the specificity of the project.

1) Projects executed under “de minimis aid”:

Minimal amount of the grant – BGN 100 000;
Maximal amount of the grant – BGN 391 000;
Maximal intensity of the grant – 70%

2) Projects executed under “regional aid”::

Category of enterprise Maximal aid intensity for activities outside South-West region Maximal aid intensity for activities in South-West region Minimal amount of grant
Micro enterprise 70 % 45 % 100 000 BGN 500 000 BGN
Small enterprises 70 % 45 % 100 000 BGN 750 000 BGN
Medium enterprises 60 % 35 % 100 000 BGN 1 000 000 BGN

Eligible applicants

  1. The applicants must be merchants according to the Bulgarian Commercial Act or the Cooperatives Act or are an equivale entity within the meaning of the legislation of a Member State of the European Economic Area;
  2. Micro, Small or Medium enterprieses;
  3. The applicants must have at least three completed financial years (2015, 2016, 2017) prior to the date of the publication of the grant scheme;
  4. To have net sales revenue for the last three financial years ended (2015, 2016 and 2017), in total, depending on the category of the candidate enterprise, as follows:
    Micro enterprises ≥ BGN 210 000
    Small enterprises ≥ BGN 750 000
    Medium enterprises ≥ BGN 3 000 000
  5. To develop their core economic activity in one of the following sectors:
    High-technology and medium-high-technology manufacturing industries:
    С20 „Manufacture of chemical products“
    C21 „Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations“
    C26 „Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products“
    С27 „Manufacture of electrical equipment“
    С28 „Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.“
    С29 „Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers“
    С30 „Manufacture of transport equipment other than motor vehicles“
    Knowledge based services:
    J58 „Publishing activities“
    J59 „Video and television programme production, sound recording and music publishing activities“
    J60 „Programming and broadcasting activities“
    J61 „Telecommunications“
    J62 „Activities in the field of information technology“
    J63 „Information service activities“
    М72 „Scientific research and development“
    Low-technology and medium-low-technology manufacturing industries:
    С10 „Manufacture of food products“
    С11 „Manufacture of beverages“
    С13 „Manufacture of textiles and textile articles, except apparel“
    С14 „Manufacture of wearing apparel“
    С15 „Manufacture of leather; production of shoes and other articles of leather“
    С16 „Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials“
    С17 „Manufacture of paper and paper products“
    С18 „Printing and reproduction of recorded media“
    С19 „Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products“
    С22 „Manufacture of rubber and plastic products“
    С23 „Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products“
    С24 „Manufacture of basic metals“
    С25 „Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment“
    С31 „Manufacture of furniture“
    С32 „Other manufacturing“
    С33 „Repair and installation of machinery and equipment“
  6. Have claimed support for the project for their core business code.

Eligible activities

  1. Activities for improving the production capacity of applicants.
    Acquired investments in the scope of the program may be aimed at:

    • improvement of production processes;
    • reduction of the production processes;
    • improvement of the products offered (goods and / or services).

Eligible expenditures

  1. Expenditures for the acquisition of machinery, equipment, fixed tangible assets (FTA) required to implement the project;
  2. Costs for acquiring specialized software (including its development), representing fixed intangible assets (FIA), necessary for the implementation of the project – up to BGN 200 000.

Maximum duration of the projects

12 months

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