When and do we have to annually submit tax declaration (ATD)?

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Not everyone is obliged to submit annual tax declaration. If, for example, our income is consisted of only labor remuneration or of it is non-taxable, we may not be obliged to submit such. Anyway, in some cases, the law provides we must submit the ATD even if we did not receive any income during the tax year:

  • If we own stocks and/or shares of foreign companies, permanent establishment, specified base or immovable property outside the country;
  • If we gave or received loan/s from other citizens or companies (excluding banks) which amount to more than 10 000 leva or we have outstanding credit balance for loans we gave or received which amounts to more than 40 000 leva for the tax year or the previous five years, excluding outstanding credit balances for credits received from a bank.

Anyway, if we have incomes from sources different to the monthly salary – like rent, private business (for example – if you provide services based on a civil contract, if we practice a liberal profession), selling properties, selling company shares, stocks, receiving dividends and liquidation shares from source based in a foreign country, receiving incomes from foreign country subject to final tax in Bulgaria,  receiving incomes subject to trade (business) tax   – we are obliged to submit annual tax declaration from 10th January to 30th April of the year following the year of earning the taxable income. Depending on the income we are going to declare we have to submit different attachment to the declaration – one for the income from rent, one for income from other business activities and etc.

Moreover, if we want to benefit from any of the tax reliefs for which we cannot apply through our employer we have to submit such declaration – e.g. for young family relief, for improvements and repairment of immovable property. In such case we have to submit Attachment № 10 to the ATD in which we specify the relief we want to be applied when estimating the tax payable.

Apart from declaring the circumstances which have occurred for us and made us apply for the relief we have to attach different proofs depending on the tax relief we want to benefit from – for instance, for young family relief we have to submit a document issued by the bank which certifies the total amount of interest paid for the first 100 000 leva of the mortgage credit, for raising minors relief – declaration for using tax relief as per art. 22v, par. 8 of Taxation of physical persons’ income Law (TPPIL).

We may send our ATD to the National Revenue Agency (NRA) by the post with acknowledgement of receipt, submit it in person in some specified postal offices, in the NRA office of our permanent address or online with personal identification code (PIC) issued in the NRA office or with qualified e-signature (self-employed persons must submit the ATD online).  The declaration form is available on the website and in the offices of the NRA.

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