Simbula donates 10 hours for its 10th anniversary!

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to apply for the social campaign of Simbula:

The 10th anniversary of Simbula


This campaign is an expression of the corporate social responsibility of Simbula. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the company has set itself the goal of supporting significant social causes by providing free (“pro bono”) consultations in support of projects of companies or non-governmental organizations aimed at benefiting the common good.

The determination of the assisted projects will be made on the basis of a selection of applicants wishing to receive the grant consultancy services under the present conditions.


The subject of the campaign is the provision of free (“pro-bono”) consultations by Simbula to legal entities that have concepts and ideas for socially oriented projects, for the implementation of which they need consulting assistance in any of the areas listed below:

  • Consultations may be in the following areas:

1. Financial

2. Tax

3. Legal

4. Organizational development

5. Accounting

6. Human capital


The campaign is active until the end of 2022. All applicants who wish to take part in the procedure can submit their application documents to the following email address:

Simbula will evaluate all proposals received from applicants for free consulting on an ongoing basis, within 30 days of the submission of the project. Information on the projects approved under the program will be published on the company’s website.

An agreement will be concluded with the approved candidates for the provision of “pro-bono” consulting assistance.


  1. This campaign is open to commercial companies, non-profit organizations (associations and foundations), cooperatives, etc., seeking our assistance for the implementation of significant social causes.
  2. Fundamental to participation in the program is the socially significant goal pursued by the applicant.
  3. One participant in the campaign may receive free consultations from Simbula, only for one of its projects, and the total number of pro bono hours may not exceed 10 astronomical hours. If the consultation on the specific project takes less time (for example 1 hour), then the respective organization is considered to have exhausted its right under this program.


  1. Each candidate has the right to participate and receive consultation on one issue / project.
  2. The allowable time for which the free service is provided to each participant is 10 astronomical hours, as follows:
    The work carried out by us will only involve consultancy. It will not include actions such as document preparation, discussions with government institutions/partners and other similar “compliance” procedures;
    If the implementation of the approved project requires more than 10 hours, Simbula will provide free “pro bono” consulting on the project until the maximum number of hours allowed under the program is exhausted.
  3. It is mandatory that the projects on which the applicants will be consulted have a social focus.
  4. Simbula reserves the right to decide which initiative to support, according to the social importance of each candidate’s project.

Documents for participation:

1. Application for participation/completed application form/.

2. Brief description of the project for which the participant would like to receive free consultancy assistance.

For further questions you can contact us:

Phone: 0894 872 586



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