Hiring experienced staff, familiar with the financial and accounting legislation and the current accounting standards in Bulgaria, is a major difficulty that most of the companies experience nowadays. Financial and accounting company Simbula meets these requirements, relying on its highly qualified accountants with extensive experience and profound knowledge in the field of accounting legislation and accounting standards in force in Bulgaria.

Financial and accounting company Simbula provides:

  • A full package of accounting services to individuals and legal entities;
  • Advice on social security issues and labour law relationships;
  • Accounting supervision and assistance;
  • Preparation of annual tax return for legal entities and individuals;
  • Salary administration;
  • Payroll preparation;
  • Submission of declaration form 1 and 6 in NSSI and NRA;
  • Submission of declaration for self-insured persons;
  • Preparation of retirement samples;
  • Completion of statistical forms and submission to NSI;
  • Declarations and logbooks for VAT;
  • Monitoring of the VAT refundable and VAT refund;
  • Submission of taxes, excise duties and social security contributions;
  • Preparation of documents for bank loans.

Financial and accounting company Simbula prepares all necessary documents for submission of annual financial statements under the current Bulgarian legislation.

Financial and accounting company Simbula offers subscribed accounting services with optional service packages, personnel and payroll, as well as “Intrastat” representation for all “Intrastat” operators as “declaring third party”.

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